The Wand and The Scepter has a cover

And here’s the cover of the new novel, The Wand and The Scepter. The book is planned for a release on Wattpad. I’m still editing, but I hope to start publishing in a month or so.

The process for getting the cover done was smooth, and Gordon Napier was a great artist. The finished product is fantastic, as you can see, but I was very impressed with his professionalism and the regular updates he gave me, each time asking for my thoughts and concerns.

The cover represents a scene from the novel. For spoiler prevention, I will not go into detail about the scene, but I will say a few things about the cover.

This is pretty much what I envisioned Perri to look like. She’s the protagonist of the novel and is a Wizarding world witch in the 1800’s. So, she’s sporting a Victorian style dress underneath her red wizard’s robe. I never had a clear image of her face, save for the brown hair and brown eyes, but Gordon’s representation is spot on.

The background looks fantastic, and both exciting and eerie at the same time. Of course, in the novel, the creepy-crawlies do not climb on the walls, but it looks great in the image.

“The Wand and The Scepter” novel status: cover, illustrations, and editing

I’m in what I believe to be the home stretch in my preparations for posting my Wizarding World fan fiction novel on This phase has three parts to it: the cover art, chapter illustrations, and editing.

The cover art itself is done! My thanks to the fantastic Gordon Napier ( for painting a scene that’s far better than I could have pictured in my mind. He was professional and easy to work with. I now have the fun of working out the title and author text, which is coming along nicely.

Thanks to the excellent Kelly Bennett for contributing an illustration for each chapter heading. She has delivered art for the first two chapters and is working on the next. They are amazing!

Finally, I’m working on an editing pass of the novel. For this pass, I’m making use of AutoCrit, which I’m pretty impressed with. It’s moving along but is taking longer than I expected. Still, it’s worthwhile, and there’s no need to rush the project.