The Wand and The Scepter

Strong-willed Perpugilliam Atwood, a witch living among Muggles in 19th-Century London, goes to work at the Ministry of Magic as though it were any other day. But she’s thrust into a mission to Egypt to help break the curses surrounding the ruins of an ancient city, and remove any magical artifact before the Muggles find them. In a team with Aurors, a curse breaker, and a man from the Department of Mysteries, Perpugilliam must keep her wits about her as they encounter political upheaval, fantastic beasts, and the attention of a dashing wizard archaeologist who threatens to whisk her off her feet. But their arrival at the ancient city reveals a mystery that could spell doom for them all.

The Wand and The Scepter is a Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling fan fiction novel. It will be released on before long.

Status: Available NOW on Wattpad

The Price of Magic

In the small, rural town of Dunmore, New Hampshire, a house lies alone. Abandoned for two years, the stories of its infamous owner – and his mysterious disappearance – has become legend.

Eleven-year-old Eric Chance moves into the old house with his father, hoping to meet friends and enjoy school. But right away, he’s pulled into the mystery of the legendary house. Supernatural creatures, ghosts, and wild magic throw his life into chaos.

Eric begins school strong, by standing up for the town outcast, knowing he will become the target of every bully. He works hard on his classes and makes friends despite his setbacks. But the legacy of his home crashes around him when a powerful enemy uses Eric to gain access to the house, and the secrets hidden inside.

By pooling their unique abilities, and helping Eric control his newfound magical powers, they go up against a sorcerer whose capabilities they can only guess. Will they defeat their nemesis, or will they lose the Book of Shadows

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A Sorcerer’s Guide to Magic Monsters and the Mythic World

Fifteen-year-old Malcus Molova is a sorcerer. Not quite human, not quite monster, he is content in not fitting in. Then, he is sent to live in the human world where he is forced to interact with non-magical people. He treats it as an experiment but quickly begins to make friends.

When he discovers that monsters live in the town he must uncover them and defeat them before they can kill his friends.

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Bad Luck

Simon Kane is rich. He’s arrogant. He’s smug. He’s also not completely human. On a quest to discover what he really is, he became a private investigator and occult expert. But when the Boston PD contracts him to solve a crime spree perpetrated by fairies, Simon finds himself questioning his heritage and his abilities as he goes head to head against the fairies and the people who angered them. With two dangerous forces at war with each other, Simon finds that being stuck in the middle can get him killed.

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